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Landmark Forum

January 28, 2010

The way the Landmark Forum works.

 Anything you want for your Self and for Your Life is available out of your participation in the landmark forum.

 You can have any result for your self or for your life that you invent as possibility and in enroll others in your having gotten

 Enrolment is causing a new possibility to be present for another such that they are touched moved and inspired by that possibility.

 Results you get out of your participation in the landmark forum are a product of possibilities that YOU invent for YOURSELF AND enroll OTHERS in your having gotten.


Transformation: The Genius of a new realm of Possibility.

In the landmark forum you will bring forth the presence of new Realm of possibility for your self and for your life.

Inside the new realm of possibility

 The constraints the past imposes on your view disappear. A new View of life Emerges.

 New possibilities for being call you powerfully into being.

 New openings for actions will call you powerfully into action.

 The experience of being alive transforms.