Eye donation camp on 15-03-09

We all know that eye is one of the most important organ in the body. There are millions of people in India are suffering from corneal blindness and waiting for the cornea donors. At the same time there are thousands of people die every day with good cornea, and due to lack of awareness and ignorance and even superstions, none of these corneas reach the needy people.

Firstly I have decided to donate my eyes on the eve of the new year 2009. I have contacted Dr. Agarwal eye hospital for this. While discussing with the hospital manager he had informed me the above. I thought that donating my own eyes will be of less importance if I could make at least another 10 people to motivate to donate their eyes.

I have discussed the same thing with the hospital management. Surprisingly they had come up with great support of free eye check up. Now I need some place to carry out this activity. Immediately I had approached our dealer M/s. Four stroke for using their office premises for this Camp. Then I was stuck up the expenses required for the camp towards tent, chairs, water, tea, coffee, biscuits and lunch for the doctors and other volunteers. I have decided to raise donations form the individuals for this.

Every body I have approached responded positively and donated liberally. Then I was with some excess money. It lead me to another thought. I have decided to sponsor spectacles for the poor people.

On the day of the camping the mood was total offbeat. People from our dealers employees with families, our Cummins entity employees with families, our customers and many more invited people had participated and made the camp a successful.

Mr. K Krishna kumar and Chandrasekhar of Four Stroke had worked as volunteers and made this camp a great success. Totally 50 people had donated their eyes. 60 people had got checked up their eyes. We have donated spectacles for 8 poor people.

I Thank every body who has worked, donated, and even visited this camp.

Cick this link to view the Photos of this camp.


2 Responses to “Eye donation camp on 15-03-09”

  1. aarchi Says:

    thats a gr8888 thing i really liked it but atleast paste some posters to get more knowledge

  2. kamudha Says:

    thank you aarchi. I am arraanging for one more camp inthis year again. I will update after the camp.

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