Enjoy Challenges Together

While I was clearing the old papers in my house I have come across thorough the ECT training file which we have carried out during June-99, almost 10 years ago. I have kept that file a side and cleared all the other papers. When I have opened that file after a while, lots of memories have surrounded me at once. To my surprise all of these memories are still fresh as if we have experienced this in the last few days.

I have remembered the beach cricket we have played on the arrival day. I have remembered Ullas explaining the rules of the training. I have remembered the Uduppa lighting the lamp and asking us the importance of lighting the lamp before starting of any training program. I have remembered the Khajana ki khoj we have filled as our values which will transform as Vision.

I have remembered the eggs can fly game we had played, I remembered the Blind fold we had played with our team mates. I have remembered Rakesh Sarin telling the perception and ways of changing it. I also remembered him telling how different people have different perceptions for the same act. I have remembered Bala telling us the Commitment and its importance. I have remembered the 5 minute play we have played and me playing as engine.

I have remembered each and every incident we had come across. But I wonder why these memories are still very fresh. We have gone though the various training programs in these 10 years. We do remember these trainings but not fresh as this.

Because this training was designed to encounter the day to day life, both in personal as well as official. We must be using these techniques every day. Naturally these memories will be fresh as we remember some part it every day.

This is a very nice training program and I see a lots of difference in myself. I sincerely Thank Wartsila management for designing such a great training program.


4 Responses to “Enjoy Challenges Together”

  1. Narendra Kumar Says:

    but still feel we r the missed lot to have training in our own back yard with Too much voluminous participants.
    Any way there are two sides for a coin.
    Sure regards to Mallick , Gogte and Pragathi systems for the design.
    remember ours was a cascaded programme rather than direct Pragati???

  2. kamudha Says:

    Message from Mr. M Rajagopalajan though email.

    Nice message, Murali.

    Many people still feel that ECT was the best program they had ever attended.

    Like you have noted, maybe it was because it did not focus on the professional aspects alone, but also on ways to improve our personal lives as well.



  3. kamudha Says:

    Message from Mr. J Balasubramaniam though email.

    Dear All

    Yes I do agree with most of the Murali’s view on the Training provided by WARTSILA.

    If anyone works in company like WARTSILA for 4 to 5 years, the recognition what he gets outside is tremendous and even the other person who had left WARTSILA and settled in other industry also recognize you and provides necessary support.

    I have experienced this in the present industry

    My HEARTY WISHES to everyone
    Thanks and Regards

    Project Manager
    Gamesa Wind Turbines

  4. V.J.Palani Says:

    Thanks Murali for recollecting the memories of 1999.

    I use to share with my family about ECT some times. Especially about Mr. Ullas lecture on imagination about our future life.

    Working with Wartsila is real pleasure.

    With Best Regards,

    Operation Manager
    Covanta Madurai Opt Ltd.

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