What we have learned from Satyam

I have send the below mail to some of my friends working in Satyam an and i have got overwheelming responce for that.

Dear All,


A day after, when the entire world is considering Mr. BR Raju as criminal let us just look around on what we should learn from this incident. Everybody must have read lots of stores including his own letter to board which was circling on the net. I am not going into the details of the letter but few other things beyond that.  

We all know Raju is the founder of the Satyam and with his abilities he took the organization to the one of the world’s best organization. We should really appreciate his efforts and today more than 75,000 families are depending directly or indirectly on this organization. We all should be very proud of him.  

While in this process he forgot few basics and we jwill ust look into that.  

·Owning a business: You can own a business only by having major shares in that. In no other manor you can own that for a long time. For may be any reason he and his directors sold the shares and they had faced the takeover threat. He used all the other tactics to be the king and proved to be futile.
·Openness: Trust comes from openness. As Raju unreeled the secrets the entire world considering him as fraud person even though he had not done anything for his personal gain. Whatever he did, he did to keep his organization as one of the best. In this process he even pumped in the 1250 crores of personal money into the company which he can never recover. But in the process he lost everything, money name and fame because he is not open.
He has done nothing wrong other than discussed above. But at this juncture it is more important for everybody to support the 75,000 families dependent up on this organization.
One thing we should remember that the company is still intact. Still running in profits. Still having the customer confidence. Only thing it has lost is the moral. Of course if your leader and your role model is being doubted by the entire world, you automatically loose the moral. If you lose money you can earn, if you lose name still you can recover. But you lose moral you had lost everything.
Now it is in the hand of the employs to keep the organization intact.
ØStick to the basics: Work your best. You will get the best salary. This applicable to all the departments including sales, key account management, finance, not to mention the basic IT service people.
ØKeep your customer happy: If you deliver the best to keep your customer happy, he will definitely deliver the best to you and to your organization.
ØNever lose Moral: As said earlier never lose your moral. Put off TV and news papers.
Enron or any other company were became bankrupt after any scandal were erupted. If all people stood together bring Satyam back into limelight and it will be miracle in the Indian history and India would automatically become No 1 country.
Wishing you all the best.
 PS: If a Satyam employee receive this mail request you to send this to as many Satyam employees as you can. I am writing this mail just to make India a better India. I am an outsider not an Satyam employee.

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2 Responses to “What we have learned from Satyam”

  1. Venki Says:

    Nice letter Sir !!!

  2. Narendra Kumar Says:

    Stongly Disagree with your judgement wrt RAJU’s MOTIVES

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